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Eagle Ridge Middle School nabs four of the top five spots in BestPrep’s Stock Market Game

Eagle Ridge Middle School nabs four of the top five spots in BestPrep’s Stock Market Game

Eighteen Eagle Ridge Middle School students representing four different teams placed 2nd through 5th in their division of BestPrep’s Stock Market Game (SMG). A total of 205 teams participated.

Eagle Ridge winning-participants are Jencarlos Cuatro, Jacki Gillitzer, Cole Hagemann, Hussein Hussein, Adan Ibrahim, Liam Jacobs, Wyatt Jenstad, Owen Larson, Taelise Mills, Hafsa Mohamed, Ruwaydah Mohamed, Bryana Morales Aguillon, Charlie Morgan, Caliph Paul, Gavin Reinen, Lexi Smith-Herdegen, Angel Thompson and Alex Wening.   

The SMG is an online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students grades 4-12 in the world of economics, investing and personal finance. It provides students with the opportunity to invest a virtual $100,000 in stocks, mutual funds and bonds — connecting classroom content with real-world experiences.

Throughout the year, students conducted online research and followed trends with their stock purchases. Many economic lessons were learned while studying various industries, and students gained a better appreciation for the volatility of the stock market.

“SMG has taken me on a wild ride, full of ups and downs!” said ERMS student Taelise Mills. “It not only has given me an opportunity to learn about the financial ups and downs our society deals with, but it has also helped to teach me about teamwork, hard work and persistence. SMG has challenged my mind in a way I never thought I could be challenged. It has shown me wins and losses; the losses helped make my team stronger as a whole. Those losses helped us to learn from our mistakes.” 

eagle ridge middle school students place 2nd in Stock Market Game

Ruwaydah Mohamed, ERMS student, reflected on her experience with the game. She thought her team would never receive a high ranking, especially when the team kept losing money with their investments. 

“Mr. Kraft encouraged us to try to achieve a high ranking. We began investing in Netflix, which never stopped giving us money. We stayed in first place for three weeks because of that investment,” said Ruwaydah. “Despite all the market fluctuation, after three weeks we still managed to end up in 2nd place.” 

“Given the current rate of inflation, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), unrest in Europe, the pandemic, interest rate hikes and a host of other obstacles, the teams did a remarkable job of weathering the economic storms of this past year,” said Steve Kraft, Eagle Ridge teacher and SMG advisor.

The teams were recognized at the annual BestPrep Awards and Luncheon at the Depot in Minneapolis on May 9.